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Moving Check List

3 weeks before your move

  • Ask friends or family for recommendations & organise removalist
  • If storage is needed, arrange it start looking around for a price that suits your budget.
  • Organise insurance for your goods if going into storage.
  • Book time off work if needed.
  • De-clutter – for items that you no longer need you might like to consider giving them to charity or speak to your removalist regarding rubbish removal.
  • Start collecting packing materials (whether you would like to buy from the removalist company you are using or collect your own) such as boxes (various sizes), tape, newspaper, bubble wrap & marking pens.
  • Start notifying companies/suppliers of your change of address (bank, ATO, Vic Roads, Health Funds, and AEC etc.)

2 weeks before your move

  • Start packing items that are non-essential & clothing you don’t need. (be sure to list those items on the outside of the box)
  • Arrange disconnection & reconnection with your gas/electricity company, telephone, internet and etc.
  • If necessary ask a friend or family member to mind the kids on moving day.
  • Update all insurance policies.
  • Start cleaning your home – (consider hiring a cleaner if it fits within budget to give you ease of mind.

1 week before your move

  • Arrange for re-direction of mail with Australia Post.
  • Cancel any home deliveries (newspaper and etc.)
  • When you finish packing make sure all boxes are labelled with contents & rooms.

On moving day If moving yourself

  • Check box labels so you are aware of what you are lifting.
  • Be careful when lifting boxes always bend your knees first.
  • Watch out for hazards that may get in your way when moving boxes/furniture.

Last minute moving hints

  • Make a box you’ll need immediately in your new home, such as a change of clothes, cleaning products, toilet paper, soap & towels.
  • Pack another box with kitchen essentials suck as kettle, cutlery, mugs, tea, coffee & snacks
  • When moving get an early start.
  • Check off furniture/boxes as they go into the truck/van.
  • Turn off electricity at the meter.
  • Check all doors and windows are locked as you leave.
  • Make sure you have all valuables & important papers with you.

At the new home

  • Check all items during unloading/unpacking (see if there are any damaged/missing items)
  • Check the electricity/gas/telephone have been switched on
  • Make beds & clean kitchen for use.
  • Find out information from neighbours or call the local council for garbage/recycling collection day.
  • Find your local parks, shops, medical centres etc.
  • Get your pets familiarised to the new house as quickly as possible.
  • If renting tell the landlord about any appliances that are not working